Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID It could be as simple as being in Indonesia, Google AdSense gets a LOT of AdSense Ad Clickers from that part of the world and as I understand things they are far less lenient because of the risks.

You mentioned one of the factors (using proxies) I’d expect Google to look for when flagging possible problem accounts.

Look at it from Google AdSense point of view.

Click fraud is rife in some countries, you are using a proxy to hide your real IP (why would a legitimate AdSense user need to use a proxy) that many AdSense clickers use and some of your content is questionable (autoblogs). I would expect your account to be banned again I’m afraid and it’s nothing to do with the AdSense themes you’ve used :-(

Regarding my AdSense pub number I changed my account so only domains I approve count as ad impressions etc… so won’t be an issue again. I’ve considered adding a charities pub number, but they’d run the same risk and it’s not that many impressions anyway. If I leave it blank it’s going to confuse some users when it doesn’t work out the box.