Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Roy.

AdSense Publisher ID Thanks for the explanation. When my adsense account was banned by google, I lost my earnings around $156 in November last year. Someone in my country had ever destroyed my adsense business last year and I used the Blue Sense theme when the account was banned. I think they banned my adsense accounts was because of I had kept using the same theme (Blue Sense theme) like I used last year so they have the record of site catching in the form of how blog theme I had ever used last year which matched with the theme I used now.

Since I got the new adsense account I have changed the blog theme and not using the Blue Sense theme again, and also every I login to my adsense account I would always use the different IP address and before all I cleared my firefox browser cookies to be safe for not been tracked down by google again. I use HideMyIP with the USA IP address. I stay in Indonesia and using the mobile broadband modem in a little form like a flasdisk which the IP address will be rotated automatically by the operator and there is possibility someone else will use the same IP address with me, and to prevent any possibility to be assumed doing click fraud with the shared same IP address I better use the USA IP address via HideMyIP software which I can choose and change the IP address of USA I want.

I will see whether the google will ban my adsense account again or not after I changed the blog theme and never using the Blue Sense theme again. I have feeling that they banned my account was because of I had used the same blog theme with when my account was banned by them at first time in November last year. If up to around 21 days or 3 weeks my new adsense account is still live it means everything will be okay with the blog theme I used now and also my USA IP address via HideMyIP.