Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID I’m familiar with BlueSense AdSense theme, very basic AdSense theme with few options. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the way BlueSense adds AdSense to a site, it’s not unlike Stallion other than the ad locations can be moved around in Stallion.

BTW When checking the effectiveness of a theme or particular ad layout you don’t go on one days data, you track thousands of ad impressions since a site with one visitor could generate 5 clicks if that one visitor was the “right” visitor on that day of testing.

When you say you’ve had your account banned 4 times (banned means you loose access to the account, complete ban, no AdSense payments), normally Google AdSense only allows you to have one AdSense account and if you get it banned that’s it, you are out. If you are managing to register more accounts that in itself would be enough reason for them to keep banning your AdSense accounts.

You don’t appear to be that tech savvy (nothing personal :-)), you might think after getting a new AdSense account they won’t be able to link you to the old accounts, but they are VERY smart people working for Google. When you log into Google they track you, so when you log into an AdSense account they log how you logged in, the IP address etc…

If you get an account banned, get a new one and login with no precautions like never using the same IP on two accounts (I guess taking precautions like using proxies to login would also be a red flag in itself) they will eventually link you to the old accounts and ban them.

So a simple case of logging into your AdSense accounts could trip a flag that results in a manual review of your account. There’s plenty of other ways to discover you, using the same Whois info on all domains for example. I suspect if you’ve had 4 accounts banned it’s basically you being blacklisted because of the first AdSense account ban, not because of the AdSense themes you’ve used (the AdSense themes are a coincidence).

I’ve had one AdSense account since 2004 and have had the odd domain removed from the AdSense program for T&Cs issues like having AdSense on a domain selling books about gambling which I thought was OK (it’s books not actual gambling). And as I said before my account was banned for about a week because I think someone used my AdSense pub number on a domain that broke the T&Cs in a big way, the account was reinstated when I went through the appeals process. I’ve had up to 150 domains running AdSense through the one account with a variety of AdSense themes and the only issues I’ve had are content related not theme related and I’ve used themes similar to BlueSense before I made Stallion.