Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Roy.

AdSense Publisher ID As for the banned adsense account I had experienced 4 times where I used the BlueSense theme or Adsense 100k Blueprint theme, I hadn’t violated any TOS of adsense at all:
– I had never clicked the ads myself since 2006
– I didn’t put any trick for users into clicking ads
– I didn’t use a domain with porn whatsoever
– I wrote the enough high quality content on my adsense blog articles and pages

but the account was still banned by Google with the reason of having the significant risk to their advertisers, whereas I saw another user with the same theme in the internet is still live with the adsense ads on their blog theme. It’s weird thing really.

Yes, it’s no issue by using the Stallion theme during this time period but I got no click with this theme despite there were enough many visitors to my blog. But when I used the BlueSense or Adsense 100k Blueprint theme I directly got click at the first day the theme was live until finally my adsense account was banned by google.

I’ve sent you those themes via email if you want to look into or try it on your blogs yourself to see whether or not you have problem with Google like me before.