Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID You are completely missing the point about the WordPress plugin, this isn’t a theme issue it’s a plugin bug, the fact on one site you activated Stallion first and the other after the plugin will be a coincidence not a cause otherwise I’d be getting reports on this issue and I’d be able to find Stallion sites with the issue. The WordPress plugin has a bug that doesn’t happen on every site, on another set of sites it could have gone the other way.

Google AdSense won’t ban an AdSense account just for using a particular WordPress theme, Stallion for example doesn’t do anything untoward AdSense wise, just makes it much easier for users to add AdSense to their WordPress sites without breaking any AdSense T&Cs.

What will get an AdSense account banned is:

Clicking your own ads

Tricking users into clicking ads, for example associating images with AdSense ad units so it looks like the image is part of the ad.

Breaking the AdSense T&Cs for example adding AdSense to a domain with porn. I had a forum that got hundreds of SPAM posts and a lot of it was porn, was warned to remove the ads from those pages (deleted the SPAM posts, no further issues with the domain).

Almost lost my AdSense account because someone had not changed my AdSense pub number on one of my themes they used (no idea what the domain was or the content, assumed it was that).

Having only low quality content, if all you do is autoblog for example Google search and Google AdSense will consider your sites not worth doing business with. If you use low quality content also use high quality content: there’s no such thing as automated high quality content :-) I’m afraid high quality content takes a LOT of time.

Do you have high quality websites or only autoblogs? If the latter what do you expect, Google doesn’t want to reward autobloggers who are damaging their search results.