Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Roy.

AdSense Publisher ID Yes, David. When I used the Stallion theme on my blogs first time and I hadn’t used the kk-star-ratings plugin there was no issue at all. But really I was surprised after fixed the error message issue was that when I tried to activate the Stallion theme on my another blog where I had forgotten to deactivate the kk-star-ratings plugin first and I didn’t get any error message like I experienced on the first blog so I was not necessary to make the plugin deactivated because everything went fine without issue. Perhaps there was a ghost in the kk-star-ratings plugin that fickle so that sometimes the error happened and sometimes not, I don’t know.

By the way I use the Stallion back because when I used another adsense blog theme of Blue Sense theme that had been modified by Adsense 100K Blueprint theme, the google had banned my adsense account 4 times because they seemed not to like with the theme that had generated quick earnings from adsense for me with the reason to have the significant risk to their advertisers which that’s a nonsense reason really. Hence I try to use the Stallion theme and see whether or not the google disables my account.