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AdSense Publisher ID I would say it’s the submitting the sites content to article directories, makes your site look like an autoblog of scrapped content.

My first search in Google to check your site, copy and paste the entire line into Google search:

Susan was bending over Fred’s desk the next day, explaining to him exactly how to

You can see the Article site results, makes it look like your site is full of copied content. I don’t see how you can fix this, your content will already be copied to dozens of websites. Unless you can convince Google AdSense it’s your content, so you aren’t copying anything.

You could try on the Google AdSense Help Forums!forum/adsense-help and ask their how to get approved For AdSense, if the right person reads your problem they might get you through the process with this domain.

When applying for an AdSense account use your best website, when approved you can add AdSense to any domain and they won’t check the domains individually unless an issue arises (obviously don’t break their T&Cs), they wouldn’t remove your current domain from the AdSense program if you already had an AdSense account basically, it’s getting that first website accepted is the hard part.

If you have other domains try again with one of them making sure it’s cleaner than white. If you own only one domain consider starting a free Blogspot blog, lots of people swear by them for getting their AdSense account approved. Create a blog, add a dozen unique posts, add some links, wait for them all to be indexed, apply again.