Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Phil Ramage.

AdSense Publisher ID Hi Dave,

I have a Stallion WordPress blog. I’ve been trying to get it accepted to carry Adsense ads but it keeps getting rejected for “unacceptable site content”. A few months ago I really studied the regulations closely, got rid of all outgoing links to both my other sites and others. There are now no ads of any kind on the site and no outgoing links of any kind.

Another mistake I know I was making was that I was also submitting my blogs to article sites. I have since removed them from all sites I personally submitted them to and, in case they were circulated wider, have substantially re-written all of the blogs. There are approximately 20 of them, with more in the pipeline. I cannot think of any reason that Google is still rejecting my site.

Several weeks ago I the day after my first resubmission after I had overhauled the site, I received an email from Adsense asking me to put code on my site as they could not fully consider it until there was code on the site. However the next day I got another email saying again that it had been rejected for unacceptable site content, notwithstanding the fact that no code had been put on the site. Now when I log in to Adsense I can only access the resubmission page, where there is no facility to copy and add code.

I have had problems in the past because I am an Australian living in Thailand and Google insists on emailing me in Thai which I cannot understand. However I think I have solved that problem by utilizing the Google translation tool.

Could you please review the site and let me know if there is anything obvious that I have missed that is causing Adsense to reject my site.

Thanking you in advance