Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID That’s a very good point, I’ve not started on incorporating the ad delay option in Stallion yet (currently works with my Stallion affiliate banners), when I make a start on it I’ll check out the various ad platforms to see which ones it wouldn’t be a TOS infringement.

I’ll check on the AdSense forums when I have the time.

Even if it can’t be used with AdSense, it’s a great plugin for banner ads generally. that reminds me I need to setup an ordering system for the plugin.

On a similar note found a bit of code that will only show ads to search engine visitors. There’s evidence that search engine visitors click ads more than non search engine visitors (regular Talian/Stallion customers visiting this site from their favourites won’t click an AdSense ad for example) and if you disable AdSense ads for non search engine visitors your impressions go down, but your click through rate goes up and AdSense pays more (more advertisers want to be on sites with a high CTR apparently).

I don’t pretend to be an AdSense expert, I know a lot about placement (best place to put ads) through experimentation, but rely on what others research for this sort of information. Plan to incorporate this into the three main ad networks in a Stallion update, (on/off feature), though Chitika already has an only showing to search engine visitors built in (not very accurate in my experience) so probably wouldn’t use it with Chitika.