Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID Stallion Responsive has a built in theme colour scheme editor and new colour scheme creator, you can create your own beautiful theme colours :-)

Also all the Stallion Responsive theme colour schemes are new, I’ve not used the version 7 Stallion WordPress SEO colour schemes in the new theme, made them all new from scratch using the colour scheme creator.

You can access the colour scheme creator under the Stallion >> Colour Options page, 2nd and 3rd options on that page which gives access to new options pages for editing and creating new colour schemes.

When my new PC arrives (within a few days) I’ll be working on an update to improve mobile user experience (some of the links are too close together and throw up a Google Pagespeed Insights warning) so I’d wait until the next update before doing serious colour scheme creation work. I’ll probably run out a couple of new colour schemes in the next update as well, really easy to make new theme colour schemes.

Yes you can disable AdSense on the home page as long as you’ve set the home page to use a Static Page. Edit the Page you are using as the home page and under the “Stallion Layout and Colour Scheme Options” box there’s a setting for disabling ads.

Also the old Stallion WordPress SEO v7 way to disable ads using CSS (see the old support site) still works, so if you want just one ad unit disabling it’s possible.

Update: you could also on the edit Page screen select one of the Static Page No Ads page Templates (currently two page templates that disable ads). The Page templates are available on the right sidebar of the edit Page screen under Page Attributes.