Comment on AdSense Click Exchange by Ivan.

AdSense Click Fraud It’s all true that G is clever, there isn’t different opinion about that. But yet i don’t realize why there are so many people out there, who still manage to trick the system, ripping off substantial amounts of money just by using the methods described within this article. Bit confusing, isn’t it? And i’m pointing at guys who are amateurs, definitely not code writers or geniuses. From my point of view, what they do makes Google looking silly.

Or simply G takes some advantage as well, who knows, and maybe that’s why they take it easy. What i do know is, that they’ve got the resources and the power to prevent this to happen. One more thing i wonder about, i’ve never heard about anyone who had been sued for appropriating 10 or 20 grand and more from AdSense. It’s crime after all. By comparison, if i rob a bank i’m going straight to jail, even if the amount stolen is much smaller. Just notice, what we’ve got here is a lot of money, which some people don’t even dare to think about.