Comment on AdSense Click Exchange by SEO Dave.

AdSense Click Fraud LOL that’s quite a funny prank Google AdSense Leak :-)

Though it does appear to be gaining traction online, so let’s go through why Google banning AdSense accounts because they are earning too much money doesn’t make any sense financially to Google: you know the company that runs AdSense/AdWords and PROFITS more than AdSense publishers from each ad click.

Google makes a lot of money from it’s advertising program: AKA AdWords.

AdWords has two components to it.

Advertisers (those using AdWords) looking to buy ad clicks from websites with relevant traffic, and;

Publishers (those using AdSense) looking to sell ad clicks for money.

Take away either side of the equation (AdWords = advertisers, AdSense = publishers) and Google makes less revenue.

If the Google AdSense Leak were true it means as a matter of course Google AdSense is deliberately banning accounts that are generating most revenue, BECAUSE they earn a lot of money. Not because they are breaking the AdSense TOS, but just because they are making money for the publisher AND Google.

Now from a very short term perspective of saving a few thousand dollars per account banned THAT month it makes sense, but Google isn’t some small fly by night Internet marketing operation looking to make a quick buck and move on to the next scam, they have built a vast business on selling ads.

If Google were banning AdSense accounts that hit $10,000 a month just because they hit $10,000 a month they would be loosing millions of ad impressions each day because they are removing their best AdSense publishers.

Does that really make sense to anyone?

Google takes 32% of an AdSense click, so if an AdSense publisher is generating $200,000 worth of AdWords clicks a a year, Google profits $64,000 whilst the AdSense publisher profits $128,000.

If Google banned an account earning $128,000 a year (~$10,000 a month), if they timed the ban perfectly they could withhold almost 2 months AdSense income or ~$20,000. Not a small sum of money, but they would loose out on earning $64,000 per annum from that publisher.

Does a short term $20K gain vs a longer term $64K reoccurring gain (I’ve used AdSense for over 8 years and have had $10,000 months) make sense to anyone reading this?

The Google AdSense Leak is total BS, but funny for whoever wrote it, bet they are laughing their socks off at those who take it seriously.

David Law