Comment on Google Penalty Recovery by SEO Dave.

Google Penalty Checker I only provide free support to Stallion Responsive Theme users by email for support related to Stallion Responsive (nothing else, no general SEO advice by email).

The above sounds like a general SEO advice question and so the answer to your question is no, you can’t contact me for “an issue with Searches related to “keyword (my name)” at bottom of SERP?”.

If you are a Stallion Responsive users you’ll have access to my email as it’s on the main Stallion Responsive options page. When I get non Stallion questions by email I either ignore them or explain I only give email support for theme support issues only.

All that being said I sometimes answer general SEO question in the comments since that directly benefits me. The comments here generate post like pages which Google indexes and rank in their own right, so if an SEO question is interesting I might answer it. I’m not a free SEO answers service, so I offer no guarantees I’ll respond: you’ll note lots of comments go unanswered, only so many hours in the day. More interesting an SEO question more likely I’ll respond.

Had you have asked your SEO question in the comment rather than asking for my email address maybe I’d have spent the time answering your SEO question about “Searches related to keyword” rather than write this :-)

David Law