Comment on Google Penalty Recovery by SEO Dave.

Google Penalty Checker Hi,

I can’t guarantee all penalties that can be lifted in an automatic fashion (as in you fix all the problems, Google respiders finds a clean site and reincludes the site) are going to be on a 3 month scale. I was very surprised the site temporarily recovered exactly 3 months after the penalty hit.

Also you can’t be sure it is an automated penalty or even one that can be lifted, my very first site many years ago I link spammed on blogs, guestbooks etc… and it got banned permanently since there’s no way to remove all those links.

If the penalty isn’t automated, but a manual penalty where a Google employee has gone to your site (maybe due to a complaint by a competitor) and has added a manual penalty. Google doesn’t publish how it deals with penalties, all we have is webmasters and SEO’s experience and experience tells me to clean up the site and do a Google reconsideration request, at worst you are wasting your time.

David Law