Comment on Google Penalty Recovery by SEO Dave.

Google Penalty Checker I don’t believe it, roughly 7 days after the traffic recovered it died again!

The traffic hadn’t fully recovered, suspect because not all pages indexed, but it was heading for around 7,000 visitors a day which is a full Google SEO penalty recovery from the 3 month penalty and expected Google traffic to start to grow over the next month or so, unfortunately this happened to visitor numbers-

1 December 2008 1,201
2 December 2008 1,210
3 December 2008 1,370 (this is the penalty level traffic)
4 December 2008 6,620
5 December 2008 5,910
6 December 2008 5,899
7 December 2008 6,994
8 December 2008 6,559
9 December 2008 6,715
10 December 2008 3,446
11 December 2008 1,024 (and again penalised!)
12 December 2008 711
13 December 2008 876

Even though I’m a very experienced SEO consultant I’m not sure what to think of this, first time I’ve had this occur!

Google apparently doesn’t like my recipe site :( If it weren’t for Google being a faceless business you could take something like this personally.

And to make matters worse my Clickbank sales are down significantly as well, last month made $3,000 in sales which was my best month yet, based on December so far looks like I’ll be lucky to make $1,000. Actually think I’ll be very lucky to break $1K as out of the $500 orders so far I’ve also had $200 in refunds!!!!

Will be the first month since tracking my affiliate revenue I’ve not increased month on month (5 months making more each month).

Would really suck if this was my only income, this is my ‘hobby’ income.

David Law