Comment on Google Penalty Recovery by SEO Dave.

Google Penalty Checker Thanks for the good luck on the Google penalty recovery.

So far almost 48 hours of pre penalty traffic, not quite fully recovered, but 7,000 visitors a day is much better than 1,200. Over the last few months the number of indexed pages has dropped dramatically from over 40,000 to 11,900 so those lost pages will account for the loss of about 5K traffic a day.

Interestingly the Free Recipe SERP in Google was at number 5 yesterday and number 3 today, so looks like there’s still some recovery on going. Number 3 for that SERP is better than I had pre Google penalty as well :)

I expect I’ll see tens of thousands more pages will be indexed over the coming month or so accompanied by an increase in traffic above 10K a day assuming the Google penalty recovery is permanent.

David Law