Comment on Google Penalty Recovery by SEO Dave.

Google Penalty Checker I’m not familiar with Blogads, though understand what they are offering and considered using a service like them (not got around to it :-)). Have you looked at their ad output (I couldn’t find an actual ad example on their site), does it pass link benefit?

If it’s javascript based or uses nofollow it’s not a Google penalty issue.

Not having access to their code I can’t say for sure how to integrate. If it’s simple javascript code like you get with AdSense then yes the sort of code I used in the comment you linked to added to a text widget should work.

On a similar note you can build custom ads via the Stallion Custom Ads Widget and the Stallion 125px by 125px banner ads widget (you don’t have to keep the ads 125px wide) with both options the Stallion link cloaking is built in, so if you use them to sell ads and don’t want to pass link benefit link cloaking can be used so there’s no risk of a Google penalty for selling links that pass link benefit. Obviously won’t include any timing options for ads running out etc… so completely manual.