Comment on Google Penalty Recovery by Mark.

Google Penalty Checker Do you have any experience with something like This is not like Adsense in that you set up the code and the ads appear. Nor is it like the traditional Adsense alternatives that clone this model (for example like Chitika based on a publisher ID), nor an affiliate like Clickbank.

Rather it is selling private ads via a marketplace. I image you can choose to not pass link juice and therefore it is legal in Google’s views as you are not selling links? It would be simply selling ad space which is fair and square in google’s eyes.

I am sure they do not like the competition, but is there any way they could have problems with it?

Do you think it is a good way to monetize a blog as although not as effcient as Adsense the percentage you keep is 70%.

I imagine to integrate into the Stallion theme, I set up an ad widget like you have recommended ( ), something that does not pass link juice but displays the link.