Not actually going to write 101 SEO Tips in one go, so here’s 15 random SEO tips :-)

1. Be patient, SEO takes time, there’s no magic bullet in SEO, avoid taking short cuts they can hurt a lot long term.

2. Be patient, new links take about a year to pass full SEO benefit.

3. Be patient, what is happening to your website today could be due to something you did over 6 months ago or Google is making algorithm changes and you’ve been caught in the changes: never make panic changes.

4. Be patient.

5. Nofollow links (rel=”nofollow”) pass no link benefit, but does delete link benefit, avoid nofollow on sites you own like an SEO plague, they damage your SEO efforts.

WordPress SEO Nofollow

6. Anchor text of text links should include relevant keywords (101 SEO Tips).

SEO Services

7. Avoid using Home, Click Here and similar for anchor text, they have no SEO value.

8. Did you know only the first links (as loaded in the code) anchor text of multiple links to the same page like these three links to the same page WordPress SEO, Home, Click Here is counted SEO wise (in the above Home and Click Here is ignored, only WordPress SEO counts).

9. Knowing 6 make sure if you must use terrible anchor text (like Home) for links make sure there’s an SEO version higher in the code (like the example in 8).

10. Did you know adding #something to the end of a link ‘breaks’ the rule in SEO Tip 8. WordPress SEO, SEO Theme, WordPress SEO Theme. All the text “WordPress SEO” “SEO Theme” “WordPress SEO Theme” counts SEO wise.

Fresh Content SEO

11. If you are working on backlinks and not leaving your links to natural linking, avoid sitewide links from large sites, doesn’t look good during a Google manual review to have 1,000 links from one domain. trust me I have the Google penalty T-shirt in many sizes :-)

12. Ignore keyword density, if your content reads well your keyword density is spot on. On SEO copyrighting add your relevant keyword phrases as much as possible. If it’s readable it’s good, if it reads like SEO SPAM you’ve gone too far: this is search engine optimization not rocket science :-).

13. Try to add images to a page with hyphenated filenames (seo-tips.jpg) and relevant alt text (alt=”SEO Tip”), both the filename and the alt text count SEO wise.

14. The title attribute (title=”SEO Tips”) of text links and images have NO SEO value.

15. Hyphenated domain names and filenames (/101-seo-tips/) are better SEO wise than non-hyphenated (/101seotips/) or underscored (/101_seo_tips/), the latter two pass no SEO value.

16. Don’t believe everything you read on the SEO forums, they are filled with SEO Myths and bullshit SEO advice.

SEO Myths

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