Stallion WordPress SEO Theme version 7.1.1 used to be the best WordPress SEO theme online, that was before the release of the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package v8.0 in Early 2014 which is even better.

Stallion WordPress SEO is still a very good SEO theme for WordPress, at the release of Stallion Responsive, Stallion WordPress SEO 7.1.1 became the second best SEO theme: It’s June 2014 as I edit this article and half my WordPress blogs still run under Stallion WordPress SEO v7.1.1 (takes time to update 130 domains).

Stallion WordPress SEO v7 has made me a lot of money over the years and it’s current $20 price tag is a bargain.

Personally I always like to use the best and will be updating all my blogs to Stallion Responsive (when I get around to it :-)), but if you can’t afford the price tag for the best ($100 for Stallion Responsive) why not buy Stallion WordPress SEO (it’s cheaper at only $20), make some money from AdSense, Chitika, Kontera, Infolinks or via the custom ad options built in and use some of the cash to buy Stallion Responsive later to take your WordPress blogs SEO to the next level.

Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

Not sure if either Stallion Responsive v8 or Stallion WordPress SEO v7.1.1 is for you, read through this website, there’s TONS of information about how to use Stallion: see the theme tutorials for example.

Since I’m putting most of my time into developing Stallion v8 as the months pass by the theme tutorials will be tailored more towards Stallion Responsive, but right now (June 2014) around 90% of Stallion Responsive v8 features are part of Stallion WordPress SEO v7.1.1.

Stallion SEO Theme Download

Download the full Stallion WordPress SEO Theme v7.1.1 zip file above, buy a Stallion ID for $20 below.

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