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Update: Stallion Responsive version 8.4 released, includes over 70 new color schemes! YES, 70 new color schemes, Stallion users now have 12 layouts, 26 font schemes and over 110 color schemes: that’s almost 35,000 possible layout/font/color scheme combinations built into one theme!

Stallion Responsive is the best WordPress SEO solution for high rankings in Google 2018 and beyond.

WordPress SEO Theme The Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package is years ahead of the competition regarding what works in Google TODAY and with the SEO package 8 series we are moving past targeting what works now and looking towards Google SEO 2018 Plus.

NO other WordPress SEO Theme, WordPress SEO plugin or combination of WP theme and search engine optimization plugins can match the inbuilt search engine optimization features of the Stallion SEO package.

WP SEO 2018

Anticipating and predicting which new Google ranking factors will be considered more important over the next 12 months and beyond is key to keeping ahead of your online competition and not being caught out by the likes of another devastating Google Panda update.

Are You Worried About Future Google Algorithm Updates?

WP SEO PackageWould your business survive if Google halved your search engine traffic overnight?

With margins tight this is not a question an online business ever wants to deal with, could be the tipping point to bankruptcy.

Every day business websites like yours loose their Google rankings and many times for no fault of the business owner.

Could be new competitors have slowly gained a foothold in your niche, the number of new webpages Google indexes has been exponential!

Or Google rolls out a new search engine algorithm and your website no longer ticks all the right boxes. In 2017 there are a LOT of new SEO boxes to tick with Google stating they use OVER 200 search engine ranking factors.

Are you ready for SEO 2018? What about SEO 2019???

Tens of thousands of businesses were caught short with the Google Panda updates, don’t bury your head in the sand like an ostrich leaving your business future to SEO luck, buy the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package v8.4 for the one off payment of $30 by clicking the Buy Now button below and protect the future of your online business.

Google Panda: The Business SEO Disaster Update

Anyone who was/is hit by the Google Panda Updates which even now are still ongoing and affecting websites (Google Panda 4 for example) know how a profitable online business can be crippled overnight risking jobs and livelihoods simply because Google search engine traffic decreased after a Google update.

It’s one thing being pushed into a business crisis for issues beyond our immediate control like the economy slumping, but to be put out of business at the whims of a new Google algorithm which may or may not be rolled back a few weeks later because it wasn’t fit for purpose is a nightmare search engine optimization scenario for any business.

Google Panda Updates With each new Google algorithm we see webmasters panicking like headless chickens looking for quick SEO fixes to their online business circling the drain.

Go to any of the popular webmaster forums during a Google update and they are inundated with cries for SEO help!

Many online businesses are run with the mistaken belief their Google rankings and traffic are relatively stable and won’t fluctuate wildly and fail to prepare for the next big Google change.

It is so much easier to prepare for a possible Google algorithm shift than recover from search engine traffic loss after the fact.

When Google hits a site with a penalty whether deserved or not it’s a stain on the sites Google trust ranking (Google authority is lost). When Google looses trust in your website it takes so much more effort to regain the trust/authority back and regain the Google SEO rankings your website deserves.

WP Performance SEO

No one knows for certain what Google’s next update will target, but we have strong clues. There are Google employees like Matt Cutts who drip feed information to the SEO community and new Google tools like the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool strongly indicating the future of SEO is performance, speed, usability… and it’s already factored into Stallion Responsive 8.4 ready for 2018 search engine optimization.

Released Stallion Responsive 8.4 update with even more WP SEO 2018+ performance features. Whatever Google throws at us in 2018, the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme users will be ready.

It has become increasingly clear Google is moving towards performance SEO and usability metrics, see the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Results for a Website Running the WordPress SEO Package.

Compare the Stallion results to your websites results.

Performance SEO looks set to be even bigger in 2018 and beyond, if you have poor performance and mobile usability results it’s time to act before it’s too late by using the Stallion SEO package for WordPress.